MY first triathlon....

First triathlon was a mini in St Kilda in November of 2010. My youngest was 5 months old at the time and I wasn’t very fit. I hated it! It was horrible. But it got me thinking… If I trained for it, it would probably be a lot more enjoyable. So I entered the next one and trained for it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

what i do when im not coaching:

I work at Holmesglen Tafe teaching in the Sport, Outdoor Recreation and Fitness Department. I love my job. It keeps me active and interacting with lots of people.

My coaching philosophy:

I don’t think I have a philosophy, however people always ask me how I fit everything into my life. Being a working mum and training and racing as much as I do. I believe that if you really want something, you will make it happen. You only make excuses if you don’t want it bad enough. I also believe, that to do what we do, you must have a strong mind and a big heart. #strongmind #strongbody #bigheart.


I have a level 1 Triathlon coach, which I believe they call a development coach. i love coaching all distances and all athletes (from first timers to ironman)

my achievements:

Well this is embarrassing compared to Clinton and Jamie!! HAHA!!

How about my biggest achievement is being a mum to 3 #littlelegends, who I adore and strive to make proud every day.

And as far as triathlon goes, I’ve landed a few podiums, but to date I have finished every race I’ve started, including 4 Full ironmans and 9 half ironmans plus a stack of Olympic and Sprint and MINI distance races! There is plenty more to come and I haven’t reached my best yet.